Monday 20 April 2015


Hello and welcome

This is the beginning of the new SJS Electroacoustics blog. The plan is to try to bring together information on the SJS Arcadia valve amplifiers, some interesting repair or refurbishment projects, and details of the new custom amplifiers in development.

The archive section will develop with data on the amplifiers built during the late 1990s, and gradually replace the old long suffering web site which has sat undeveloped too long.

Let's see how it develops, and if you want to get in touch just drop me a message.

Best of luck


  1. Simon,
    I was just looking around to see if you had a recent presence on the web.
    I have an Arcadia Preamp which Kevin sold me some 8 years ago.
    It had developed a bit of volume pot wiper noise just before it was last used.
    It has sadly spent a few years doing nothing after I retired the main Hi-fi due to lack of space.
    About 2 years ago I started headphone listening - Audeze LCD2 balanced through a Schitt Mjolnir.
    However I have often wondered, aspecially at shows where everyone is using valve equipment,
    what would be involved in getting an Arcadia Headphone Amp - and if my pre could be the basis of most of it. (Someone at the Cambridge Head-fi Show last week mentioned he used to get transformers from you.)
    Let me know your thoughts...

  2. Neville, congratulations on finding the blog, even though it is so sparse at the moment!.
    Many thanks for taking the time to comment and asking about headphone amplifiers. I have a few ideas for what could be done, and did build a one-off Model 1 preamplifier back in '97 which uses 417A/5842 and output transformers. This has recently been refurbished and is currently being used as a line stage preamp, however this approach could be a way to proceed for a headphone amplifier, it is like a miniature SE triode amplifier. If you want to discuss further, please meail me at simon dot shilton at sjselectroacoustics dot co dot uk
    best of luck

  3. Hello Simon,

    Nice to see your new blog. Wish you sucses and hopefully a lot, new and/or old, projects.

    Martin Mug

    1. Many thanks Martin, hopefully some updates coming along over the coming weeks, including some nice headphone amplifiers :-)