Friday 30 October 2015

Arcadia Line Level Preamplifiers

Between 1996 and 1998 the original run of SJS Arcadia Model 1 and Model 2 line stage pre-amplifiers were delivered. Over the past few years a number have been back for service, repairs or upgrades, so I thought it may be useful to present some of the original information here.

SJS Arcadia Model 1 and Model 2 Line Level Preamplifiers

6 line inputs, 2 tape loops, 10dB of gain, zero feedback
finest quality components, musical results

The Arcadia bespoke line level pre-amplifiers offer the very finest musical results for all high quality systems. When paired with one of the matching Arcadia phono stages vinyl reproduction will obtain a level far beyond that of an integrated pre-amplifier.

By carefully balancing all aspects of the design, the Arcadia line level pre-amplifiers offer a level of gain and drive suitable most power amplifiers; whether valve or solid state. Utilising a special valve rectified, choke filtered, power supply, and avoiding sonically degrading feedback; the Arcadia pre-amplifiers offer a natural tonal balance, which is fluid, of full tone and grain free. The strong dynamics are balanced by a deft touch to produce an enlightening musical experience.

The Model 2 builds upon the strengths of the Model 1 and improves all aspects of performance whilst retaining the dynamic capabilities and control of the Model 1. Built with a completely copper chassis, and the very highest quality components available, the Model 2 offers a level of coherent transparency unmatched at the price.


All valve line level preamplifier

  • Separate Listen and Record selectors
  • Hard wired throughout
  • High regulation choke power supply
  • Zero feedback gain stage
  • Very high parts quality including:
    • Hovland Musicaps 
    • Mills resistors 
    • Alps "Black Beauty" volume control 
    • Noble balance control.

  • Model 2 also features:
    • All copper casework 
    • OS-CON caps 
    • Panasonic volume pot 
    • PTFE insulated pure silver wiring



Line Level Inputs: 6
Preamp Outputs: 2
Tape Outputs: 2
Input Impedance: 100K ohms
Gain: 8dB
Valves: 2 x 5687 in early units replaced by 2 x 6111WA in later units, 1 x 5Y3
Frequency Response: <5hz to >150KHz at -3dB
Dimensions h/w/d: 150mm x 225mm x 390mm
Shipping Weight: 9 Kgs 

UK Retail Price (1996-1998): Model 1: £995, Model 2: £1995

"There's none of the wispy airiness and soft, slow bass that one associates with the breed - just consistently fine tone, edge-of-your-seat dynamics and effortlessness." Jason Kennedy on the Model 1 in HiFi Choice Sept '97.

Download HiFi Choice Review

Please Note: 

All Units are now SOLD and no longer in production.
We are pleased to offer servicing and upgrades for all original production units.
Please contact us for further details.