Friday 29 September 2023

UK hi-fi Show Live 2023

Ascot, home of horses, the Royal Enclosure and plenty of bubbles, hosted The UK hi-fi Show Live and we were there for the first public outing of the all new SJS Model 10 mono-block valve amplifiers.

Each mono-block amplifier has parallel single ended 300B output valves for 20W per channel output, using a 7N7 input valve and a third 300B as the driver stage using an interstage driver transformer. These Premier version amplifiers have silver foil coupling capacitors and nano-crystal core interstage and output transformers for a pure and engaging musical performance.

We were delighted to join Definitive Audio showing the Living Voice R80 loudspeakers and the fabulous system featuring both Kuzma Audio XL Air and Grand Prix Audio Monaco v3 turntables with Kuzma tonearm and CAR 60 mc catridges, Consolidated Audio mc step up transformers, and  completed with SJS Model 3 mm phono and Model 4 linestage amplifiers.

It was great to meet everyone who visited us, and very nice to see visitors appreciating the system:

"You can count on Kevin and Lynn Scott from Definitive Audio to put on a good show wherever they appear, and Ascot didn’t disappoint. …As in Munich, the sound was about as natural and musically expressive as one is ever likely to encounter at a HiFi show." 
Eric van Spelde, HiFi Pig

"The new R80 speakers sounded very easy and natural and managed to present a bigger scale with it’s larger mid/bas drivers with very noticeable cymbals/hi hats which sounded exceptional with Jazz recordings."
Naim Community Forum

"Definitive Audio, with a stunning array of top performers on demonstration, such as the Living Voice R80 Loudspeaker and the Kuzma XL Air turntable (to name just two). Definitive Audio drew patrons into their room with ease and grace. As I settled to absorb the various subtle textures and lyrical wonders of Oliver Nelson’s “Stolen Moments” from the vinyl source, I felt the world’s stresses simply drip away. Now this is the mark of a great system. The fact that I could easily ignore the components, cables and interconnects in front of me, listen, reflect and enjoy speaks volumes in respect of all the components being used. Patron Terry Johnson also reflected my thoughts by advising. “This is one of the systems I aspire to own. I can feel the layers of musicians coming through and I just love the organic signature. If I do get to the point where money is no object, I will be giving Definitive Audio a call..!” 
Michael Valentine Studio