Thursday 30 March 2023

Audio Show Deluxe 2023

After a long winter in the bunker developing new designs, and honing existing ones, it was nice to spend an early spring weekend at Audio Show Deluxe with Definitive Audio and Living Voice.

SJS Model 3 Premier phono, Model 7 Silver Premier line stage and Model 5 Silver Enhanced 300B power amplifiers were partnered with Kuzma and Grand Prix Audio turntables, and showcasing the new Living Voice R80 loudspeakers. 

It was also the first outing for the new Model 8 single ended 300B power amplifier, shown here with natural front panel and antique silver cover, and in the background all in black.

"Kevin Scott used Shostakovich’s terrifying Baba Yaga to hold the audience entranced thanks to a system consisting of Gran Prix Monaco direct drive turntable, Kuzma Safir-9 arm and cartridge and SJS Acoustics amplification. This system turned what can be very challenging music into an immersive experience."

The Ear

It was excellent to see so many familiar faces, including customers old and new. Hopefully we can meet up again in 2024.