Wednesday 14 June 2023

SJS Arcadia Model 4 Linestage Preamplifier

 After making its debut at Munich HiEnd 2023, we are very pleased to announce that the SJS Arcadia Model 4 linestage pre-amplifier is now available to order.

The Model 4 has been designed to visually and sonically complement the Model 3 phono and Model 5 power amplifiers.

The Model 4 was launched with the Premier version, which features:

  • Custom made silver wound chokes from Consolidated Audio in Berlin
  • Duelund Coherent Audio pure silver foil coupling capacitors
  • Lundahl power supply chokes
  • 6111wa NOS military twin triode valves
  • Single Ended circuit topology
  • Pure Class A operation
  • Zero negative feedback
  • NOS Mullard EZ80 valve rectification 
  • Choke-input HT power supply
  • Custom made HT T-network power supply capacitors with silver leads
  • Point-to-point circuit wiring without PCBs
  • Hand built
  • Real solid wooden frame
  • 4mm aluminium panels, black or natural anodized
  • Soundcare SuperSpike feet
  • PTFE board for component mounting
  • Very high quality components throughout
  • 8 dB gain
  • 5 Hz to 100 kHz -3 dB bandwidth

Each amplifier comes with 2 years parts a labour warranty, except for the valves which have a 6 month warranty.

SJS Arcadia amplifiers are available from Definitive Audio in Nottingham.

Thursday 25 May 2023

Munich HiEnd 2023

We are delighted to have been back at the Munich HiEnd show in Atrium E 220 with Definitive Audio and Bemax Audio.

The system featured SJS Model 3 phono, the new Model 4 linestage pre and Model 5 power amplifiers, with Kuzma XL air and Grand Prix Audio Monaco 3 turntables and showcasing the new Living Voice R80 loudspeakers. 

"The rest of the Living Voice system was quite impressive as well–both Kuzma and Grand Prix Audio analog rigs, SJS amplification with Living Voice and Takatsuki 300Bs, all gathered together in one place to play records. Perhaps that’s why the Living Voice rooms are always so rewarding–there’s always something about this system that radiates a purpose, a feeling that this system was fine tuned toward perfection over decades and not just a few hurried weeks before the show.
The Living Voice R80 loudspeakers truly energized that large and beautiful space, yet still managed to sound light and airy and detailed at the same time. This was another room that was constantly packed throughout the show, and for good reason. Sometimes I forget how special these British loudspeakers are, but I’m already looking forward to next year’s visit in this memorable room."

"Teamed here with the top-tier SJS electronics (including the new line-stage with curved wooden casing to match what must be the prettiest tube power amp on the market) and the latest (greatest) turntables from Kuzma and Grand Prix Audio, the sound was as bold and engaging as it was effortlessly involving. Kevin Scott’s range of distinctly non-audiophile discs kept things interesting and this room was permanently packed – probably not helped by the comfy bucket seating which, along with the astonishingly entertaining musical performance encouraged the audience to take root. You want the hot-seat? Be prepared to wait – wait some more – and then fight for it…"

"this is a pretty serious system but not the most expensive at the event by a long way, yet it provided highly engaging sounds as well as the broadest selection of music with everything from Shostakovich to Scientist dubbing Culture. The system proves that 9 Watts is all you need if the quality is high enough."

"The music sounded correct right away, as nothing stood out and everything was well-balanced and natural. String instruments and voices sounded gorgeous, and I found it very easy to concentrate on the music. I could easily hear the family resemblance with the VOX Olympian, one of the best horn systems on the market..........for people looking for that elusive emotional connection with music and not just sound effects, these speakers will give you more than a taste of their vastly more expensive horn offerings."

Monday 10 April 2023

SJS Arcadia Model 8 SE 300B Power Amplifier

This SJS Arcadia Model 8 amplifier is our new single ended 300B stereo amplifier. It has been introduced to sonically and visually complement the Model 6 phono amplifier, Model 7 line stage pre-amplifier and Model 9 step up transformers.

The Model 8 is based on the same circuit design and layout as the Model 5, with NOS Sylvania  7N7 valves used as the input and driver stage, and 300B output valves. Internal components include carbon film resistors and Duelund pure copper foil coupling capacitors.

In common with other SJS Arcadia amplifiers it has been specifically engineered for sonic performance rather than technical specification, and fulfills SJS Electroacoustics primary design criteria:
  • Single Ended circuit topology
  • Pure Class A operation
  • Zero negative feedback
  • Valve rectification and choke smoothed HT power supply
  • Custom made HT T-network power supply capacitors with silver leads
  • Separate mains transformers for HT and filament supplies
  • Point-to-point circuit wiring without PCBs
  • Star-earth & star-supply wiring
  • Hand built
  • Aluminium anodised chassis and steel transformer covers
  • Soundcare SuperSpike feet
  • Very low noise for use with high efficiency loudspeakers

Technical Specifications

Input Impedance
100 kOhm
Input Sensitivity
400 mV for full output
Power Output
8W per channel
Frequency Response
+/-3dB 8 Hz-35 KHz
Valve Compliment
2 x 7N7
2 x 300B
1 x 5U4GB
Max. Power Consumption
250 Watts
Unit Weight
30 kg 
Shipping Weight
49 kg
(Original Packaging: Customised flight case)
Unit Dimensions
300mm (h) x 450mm (w) x 400mm (d)
Shipping Dimensions
400mm (h) x 545mm (w) x 500mm (d)

(Original Packaging: Customised flight case)

Delivered with black panels, black anodised aluminium panels and black transformer covers can be heard on demonstration at 
Definitive Audio in Nottingham alongside the rest of the SJS Arcadia range of amplifiers with Living Voice loudspeakers.

Thursday 30 March 2023

Audio Show Deluxe 2023

After a long winter in the bunker developing new designs, and honing existing ones, it was nice to spend an early spring weekend at Audio Show Deluxe with Definitive Audio and Living Voice.

SJS Model 3 Premier phono, Model 7 Silver Premier line stage and Model 5 Silver Enhanced 300B power amplifiers were partnered with Kuzma and Grand Prix Audio turntables, and showcasing the new Living Voice R80 loudspeakers. 

It was also the first outing for the new Model 8 single ended 300B power amplifier, shown here with natural front panel and antique silver cover, and in the background all in black.

"Kevin Scott used Shostakovich’s terrifying Baba Yaga to hold the audience entranced thanks to a system consisting of Gran Prix Monaco direct drive turntable, Kuzma Safir-9 arm and cartridge and SJS Acoustics amplification. This system turned what can be very challenging music into an immersive experience."

The Ear

It was excellent to see so many familiar faces, including customers old and new. Hopefully we can meet up again in 2024.