Sunday 26 June 2022

North West Audio Show 2022

Last weekend we were mainly ......... music making in Cheshire.

At the North West Audio Show at Cranage Hall with Definitive Audio.

We presented a scaled down version of the system used at Munich HiEnd, with 

  • Kuzma turntable, arm and cartridge, 
  • Consolidated Audio MC step up transformer, 
  • Living Voice OBX-RW4 loudspeakers,
  • SJS Model 3 phono, Model 7 line and Model 5 300b power amp. 

After the show we received some very nice comments:

"This is in another league altogether and having listened to it at the show I can't recommend it enough truly mind blowing in detail and everything else, if it is possible to be sitting with the musicians then this is it."
Paul Bradshaw

"This was used to stun visitors with the uncompromising creations of Messrs Shostakovich, Pärt, Cage et al. The system’s ability to deliver substantial, not to say difficult, orchestral pieces in a convincing fashion was truly remarkable."
The Ear

"Best sounding room at show for me was the Living voice/sjs amplifiers with Kuzma turntable. Could have listened for hours in that room."

"as I passed later in the show, this set-up was making a remarkable presentation of some complex orchestral work, especially considering the room size."