The Great SJS Clear Out List

Below are a whole bunch of items taking up too much space! Because of this you worthy people out there, and you dumpster divers!!!! can offload these babes from me for a minimal impact on you pocket.

All items are sold "as is". All are in good condition unless otherwise stated. Some are even immaculate and unused! Unfortunately due to the bankruptcy inducing prices of most of these items, there is no further discount available, sorry.

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Last updated 19th March 2012


NOS SJS Model 1 linestage preamplifier

Price 1,450, with 2 years parts and labour warranty (6 months on valves).

- Black steel casework, Rifa and BHC HT caps, PTFE silver plated copper wire, TKD volume control, Noble balance control, TAKMAN carbon film resistors, Hovland coupling caps, OSCON bypass caps

Very Special NOS SJS Model 1.5 linestage preamplifier

Price 2,250, with 2 years parts and labour warranty (6 months on valves).

- Black steel casework like a Model 1, but then insides like a Model 2!
- Copper internal chassis members, Elna Cerafine HT caps, PTFE pure Silver wire, Panasonic for Audio volume control, Noble balance control, Amtrans AMRG carbon film resistors, Hovland coupling caps, OSCON bypass caps, Elma Type 04 listen and record selector switches.

Gamme Aeon monoblocks

SE 211 monoblock amplifiers, highly regarded back in the day, using ECC81, 5687, 6AS7 and 211 valves. Price £1,750.

Graham Slee gram amp 2 special edition

- early version in gloss black plastic box with regular mains adapter. Price £85.

Denon POA 4400A monoblocks

- very highly regarded transistor mono-blocks from around 1990 with balanced or single end inputs. 160W into 8 ohms and over 260W into 4 ohms, 25K input impedance, input sensitivity 1V nominal. Dimensions (each): 310x192x420mm, weight (each): 10.3kg. Price £400 for the pair.



None available at the present time.



All sold "as is" no warranty implied or offered. i.e. buyer beware etc. However, the prices are good if you want to gamble!


Hunan Shuguang Chinese 300B

We have two matched pairs of Shuguang badged 300Bs, Chinese in origin. Both pairs are unused, new.

Available 2 pairs. Price £99 the pair.


Large valve clearout list coming soon! Contact for details.



Drive Units

None available at present


How about some DIY horns? Hand made tractrix midrange horns in un-finished MDF. Suitable for Dynaudio D54AFs above. Could be a bugger to ship!

Available 2 pieces. Price £100 the pair.



Alphason Tables

Genuine Alphason hi-fi tables from when they made real audio equipment stands, rather than designer furniture. Black shelves and legs, 4 leg design with 4 spiked feet at the bottom.

1 unit normal size, three shelves - £55 buyer collect

1 unit wide size, three shelves - £75 buyer collects

Origin Live Skyline Isolation tables

Genuine Origin Live Skyline isolation platform from the days when that is all they did. Fantastic performance platforms for use on the floor, on as additional isolation of shelf systems.

Skyline Ultra triangular isolation platform - £50

Skyline Super rectangular isolation platform - £35