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Build It Yourself: The Component Catalogue

Please note - this page is not maintained and these items are no longer available from us

Welcome to the fourth SJS Electroacoustics catalogue. This has been some time coming, but I hope you will find it worth the wait.

We have taken the rather unusual step of reducing the range of products we have available. This is to offer a higher level of quality, and support, for the products that we carry.

We have also decided to focus mainly on the products we carry that are unavailable from other source. This aspect of our service seems to appeal most to our customers, so we have decided to try and build on our strengths.

What have we increased them? Our range of Interstage driver transformers and line output transformers has increased. The Super range of Single Ended output transformers continues to increase in design quality and choice. This has been coupled with improvements in finish quality and materials throughout the range.

What else have we got on offer? For the first time we are including a list of the Ohmite Brown Devils we can supply, along with the Dale precision wire wound resistors. We have begun to source some of the highly regarded Mills wire wound resistors, we currently have two values in stock, but hope to expand the range over the coming 12 months. We remain very pleased with the acclaimed Hovland MusiCap polypropylene film/foil capacitors. These are still without doubt the best sounding plastic film caps we have ever heard, and have we heard some? Like most great components they require around a week to run in before 95% final performance is reached, but customers continue to unanimously sing their praises.

Over the past couple of years we have had a few enthusiastic customers who have either extensively modified their amplifiers, or built amplifiers based upon the designs in the schematics sets. Some of these amplifiers will soon be on display on our Web page, accompanied by some information on their results and how they were achieved. Photographs, plus and accompanying articles, will be gladly received should you wish to join the customer gallery.

We are now also including details of some fully finished items of equipment alongside all the components. These are the Arcadia range of Line level Preamplifiers, and Single Ended Power Amplifiers. The Mk2 Pre-amplifier will be available from Summer '99, and followed shortly by a matching MM phono stage. Details are also included of the hand built power amplifiers which are offered to special order.

Also available is the Border Patrol power supply. This box of magic is the perfect add-on power supply for all those existing Push Pull, or Single Ended, power amplifiers that need a tonic. A simple operation bypasses the internal power supply for this outboard unit which has the sonic effect of a turbo charger. Its a must for Audio Innovations, Audio Note, Art Audio, Leak, Quad and most other PP power amps. Added to this is the Border Patrol Power amplifier, which is a fantastic sounding, affordable, single ended 300B amp. We can happily recommend it a supplying the best from SE 300Bs for the money, without doubt.

We have even managed to find some affordable, domestically acceptable great sounding sensitive loudspeakers. The Living Voice Auditorium manage to project a large, dynamic integrated musical picture, and work really well with low powered valve amps.  These have now been joined by the Avatar loudspeakers, which are the same size and shape as the Auditoriums, but offer higher sensitivity, accuracy and fine detail.

We hope we've given you a little food for thought: read on and get in touch.