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All Units are now SOLD and no longer in production, any future availability is uncertain

Three jpg format photos of the power amps:
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The Arcadia amplifiers are designed to offer the highest levels of musical reproduction. The moderate power requirements of the best loudspeakers allows the use of simple, low power triode amplification to produce tonally accurate and dynamic music.

Utilising a minimal number of high linearity triode gain stages, the audio circuit is of elegant simplicity, ensuring little deterioration of the signal; whilst proper implementation of the design produces an amplifier with a wide dynamic range and outstanding integration. Long periods of enjoyable listening are ensured by the effortless delivery and natural tonal balance.

Properly executed valve amplifiers have long been thought of as being able to offer the most natural and musically rewarding sound reproduction available. The reasons for this are many, but primary advantages are circuit simplicity and, with good design, the elimination of feedback within the system. The design goal of the Arcadia amplifiers is to achieve a musical presentation with the minimum of electronic signature. This is achieved with zero feedback, directly heated triode amplifiers working in single ended pure class A.

Arcadia valve amplifiers; hand crafted for the ultimate musical experience.

Arcadia amplifiers are capable of offering by far the most natural and realistic reproduction of the musical event. The true extent of this superiority will become more apparent with extended use. The simplicity of circuit permits the use of the highest quality components and materials, whilst the demands made upon the power supply are completely met by Arcadia's special high capacity choke input supplies. This is what distinguishes Arcadia amplifiers from the rest. The construction of cheap, physically small triode amplifiers is perfectly feasible, but sacrifices much of the exceptional performance that this topology is capable of.

All Arcadia amplifiers are designed to exceed your expectations. Common Design Features

Model 1 and Model 2 designs.

  • Valve rectifiers for clarity and control.

  • Choke input power supplies for grip and dynamic impact.

  • Black Gate and Hovland capacitors, Mills resistors and other high quality components for finesse and sweetness.

  • Custom designed and built transformers for power and full bandwidth.



Model 2 designs.

  • Solid copper chassis for a stunning visual and enhanced aural impression.

  • Silver wiring in a point-to-point construction to remove the need for a pcb.

  • Selected highest quality components, including OS-CON and Elna capacitors, Rhopoint resistors and other state of the art passive components for maximum performance.

The Arcadia range of amplifiers currently includes:  

model 1 line level preamplifier, 6 line inputs, 2 outputs 995


model 1 MM phono stage (available Jan 98), two box design 1495


model 2 line level preamplifier, 6 line inputs, 2 outputs 1995


model 2 MM phono stage (available Jan 98), two box design 2495


Power amplifiers made only to order. Prices start at 4495 for a model 2 PSE 2A3.

  • model 2 7W power amplifier at 4495

  • parallel single ended 2A3, 7W per channel

  • model 2 18W power amplifier at 5495

  • parallel single ended 300B, 18W per channel

  • upgrade from 7W to 18W, 1400


To achieve the ultimate in musical reproduction, more is required than the best amplifiers. Only with the help offered by a knowledgeable and helpful dealer will a system be capable of achieving its full potential. The Arcadia retailers have been carefully chosen for the level of service and customer commitment they are able to offer.

Authorised Dealers:

Gary Dews, Definitive Audio, Brighton. Tel: +44 (0)1273 276716

Kevin Scott, Definitive Audio, Nottingham. Tel: +44 (0)115 9813562


SJS Electroacoustics, PO Box 21, Bramhall, Cheshire, SK7 2FF. Tel/Fax: +44 (0) 161 439 0727

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